Updates: 2012


Somebody just donated us a handsome amount of money (which will go towards professional mastering of next full length album whenever it releases).
Giving a shout to Mr. Metal Farmer(donator):
He is a multi talented guy having more than a dozen of musical projects. He is even a fairly successful farmer + photographer. Read more about Mr. Pritham aka Metal Farmer:


We thank you Pritham for your invaluable support and contribution.

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Its been a while since posted any update here and we are approaching mid of 2012. Project is somewhat in hibernating phase right now but we are collecting and doing bits here and there to finish split with our friends at Aurora Borealis (and possibly We too). These were quieter times. As in, not making much music for various reasons such as me(Noor) being diagnosed with a lung infection/Pneumonia (STOP SMOKING GUYS!!) and many other things.

Yet there were few updates which i think are very important to share:

  1. There was a release of The Circle Project (which sadly I forgot to post here on blog).  
  2. A remix of a traditional/folk flute player with origin of Nepal.
  3. An ambient song

I) The Circle Project featured TET (us), The Echelon Effect and Apta. We all have released on Oxide Tones. Adam from OT asked us to participate nearly 7 months ago about this project he was curating. We instantly said yes since we found it interesting. After few changes,We were assigned to remix The Echelon Effect‘s What Makes Us So Common. While, our track The Child to be remixed by Apta. While Apta‘s track Like You Woke Up Too Late being remixed by The Echelon Effect. This was the idea behind The Circle Project: to create circle of remixes. I recently got an update about bands to be involved in Section II and its really exciting. IF you are an artist and found this idea interesting then get in touch (check out the links below).

Download Circle Project(Pay whatever you like download)http://circle-project.com/section1-elektronik/
You can also buy physical copies of The Circle Project from above link.


Additionally, the The Circle Project was reviewed on The Silent Ballet as well as on A Closer Listen (site by few ex-The Silent Ballet writers):

The Silent Ballet Review

A Closer Listen Review

II) You can check out remix we did of our flutist friend Pooja Pao Lee here:

III) A latest ambient sketch can be checked out as below:

There are few things you should be looking in near future:

  • Another special track we MIGHT be working on. I hope we finish on time.
  • Split with Aurora Borealis (and We too)
  • A very exciting news which we hope to share very soon (and its related to label).

P.S. our official site seems down. We had used .tk domain (unfortunately) while site was based on wix.com. We will rather use this blog to update all information. However, here you can visit our wix based website:


Thanks a lot for reading this far. Love you all. Peace